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Casino Party Essentials

  • Casino parties typically last 4 hours
  • Setup and tear-down time NOT counted against this 4 hours
  • Guests do NOT play with real money
  • Guests of all ages can participate
  • We provide cards, chips, standard "funny money," & raffle tickets
  • You provide the venue and any prizes
  • Our crew can handle all the raffle logistics and emcee any giveaways
  • Add-ons available:
    • Personalized "funny money"
    • Photo booth
    • Professional photographer

What Is A Casino Party?

Because guests aren't playing with real money, you might ask yourself, "How does this whole thing work?" Here's what happens, in a nutshell.

How Does A Casino Party Work?

First, as your guests enter the party, our staff hands out the same amount of play money to everyone. Our "funny money" is in denominations of $500 bills, and we usually distribute two bills, or $1,000 total, to everyone in attendance.

Once the casino opens, guests can walk up to their favorite table and hand either $500 or the whole $1,000 to the dealer, who will in turn exchange this money for casino chips. Our casino chips are clearly marked with denominations that range from $25 to $10,000, and each denomination has a different color so guests can easily tell each one apart. Typically, once they hand in their funny money to the dealer, guests receive a combination of $25 chips and $100 chips to start. Because our smallest chips are $25 denominations, $25 usually serves as the minimum bet at most tables.

Once guests start getting involved in the action, their stack of $25 and $100 chips might start getting larger and larger, at which point the dealer at their table might "color them up" and exchange their smaller denomination chips for larger‐valued chips. In this way, as guests go from table to table, they're not necessarily carrying an unwieldy amount of chips.

On the other hand, if someone actually goes on a losing streak and runs out of all their chips and funny money before the end of the party, our crew can always give you a stack of extra $500 bills to distribute at your discretion. Or you can just allow our dealers to give out more funny money (or chips) if someone runs out. Some clients like to play it more strictly and not give any additional money if guests run out, wanting to be extremely fair to everyone, while other clients are more laid back and allow guests to keep coming to them for more funny money. Some clients get creative with the whole scheme, giving away more funny money as needed, but also planning a gag‐gift of some sort for the person who goes through the most money over the course of the night.

All our parties in the northeast include 4 hours of "casino time," which includes 3.5 hours of gaming time followed by 30 minutes of cashing in of chips and any giveaways. Although it's not labor law, it is somewhat of an industry standard and courtesy to give each dealer a 15-20 minute break somewhere during the first 3.5 hours. If your event has a natural break in the middle, such as for singing "Happy Birthday" or giving speeches, this is a great time to shut down the casino for a few minutes and break everyone at the same time. On the other hand, if your event doesn't have any natural breaks, our crew would typically stagger their breaks such that only one table is shut down at a time while that dealer runs to the restroom or grabs a drink of water. If you'd like to have all your tables open 100% of the time though, you can always consider adding a "relief dealer" or two to your event.

As the gaming time is drawing to a close, our dealers will announce the last hand, the last spin of the wheel, and the last throw of the dice. Guests will then be instructed to go back to their favorite table and turn in their casino chips. If you choose to have a raffle we'll provide raffle tickets free of charge, and our crew can handle all the logistics and even emcee the entire raffle for you.

At this point, each of your dealers will "cash everyone out," meaning that they'll count up everyone's winnings in chips and convert these to raffle tickets. The simple idea is that the more chips you've won over the course of the night, the more raffle tickets you'll earn.

The standard conversion that we've found to work best is giving one raffle ticket for every $500 in chips that guests have left at the end of the night, rounding up as needed. For example, if someone simply breaks even and ends up with $1,000 in chips, they would earn two raffle tickets. Alternatively, if someone has $1,100 in chips, they would earn three raffle tickets. Keep in mind that a handful of your guests might win big and end up with a lot of chips, so you don't want a smaller conversion that requires them to walk around with a roll of thousands of raffle tickets. One ticket for every $500 tends to work out quite well – not too many and not too few tickets for each of your guests.

After all this though you might be asking, "If no one is playing for real money, why should anyone take the gaming seriously? And what are these tickets for?" In one word: PRIZES! Although you'll have to provide the prizes, this is what gives your guests the incentive to play for keeps. You don't need to go wild and crazy when coming up with prizes — items like bottles of wine or liquor, dinner for two at a local restaurant, gift certificates, a manicure/pedicure/facial for the ladies or sports‐related items for the guys, and small electronics like an iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano are all popular prizes. Some clients have even gotten rather creative and given away things like 6‐month Netflix subscriptions, which isn't too expensive but very practical! Our advice is always to think about items that your particular guests might actually love to win. In terms of how many prizes, it's always nice to have more than one if possible so that you can bill the last prize as you "grand prize," but even this isn't set in stone.

At this final point of the event, the simplest way to give away the prizes is to have a random drawing for as many prizes as you have. If you had 3 prizes to give away, for example, our crew could randomly draw 3 winning tickets. If you had 4 prizes, they would pull 4 winning tickets. A twist on this that's even more interactive is to do what's sometimes called either a "Chinese Auction" or "Teacup Raffle" or "Tricky Tray." This is where you simply put a basket or bucket in front of each prize, and then everyone decides where to "spend" their raffle tickets. The prize does NOT go to the person who puts in the most raffle tickets, as in a silent auction though. There would still be random drawings for each prize, but someone might say "Hmmm, I want all my tickets to go towards the drawing for prize X instead of any of my tickets going in the drawings for prize Y or prize Z." However you decide to run the raffles, our crew can easily handle all the details for you and emcee the whole thing!

Here's an important point to note regarding prizes. Some clients ask us about the possibility of giving away prizes to the biggest winner, or the top 3 biggest winners, for example. We always advise against doing this, however, as we find that some guests begin to "pool their chips," resulting in a situation where the biggest winner isn't necessarily the person who won the most, but the person who was able to grab the most chips from their friends. Also, you don't want those of your guests who are new to gambling to get discouraged and give up early into the event if they look over and see someone with a gigantic stack of chips early on in the night. Giving away your prizes by way of random drawing helps everyone to walk away feeling that they were treated fairly.


Sample Timeline

  • Setup crew arrives 60-90 minutes prior to casino start time (or earlier for larger events as needed)
  • Setup finished ahead of casino start time
  • Casino crew distributes "funny money" to guests
  • Casino starts and guests exchange funny money for casino chips
  • Guests gamble with casino chips for 3.5 hours
  • Dealers count up everyone's chips & convert them into raffle tickets
  • Our Pit Boss emcees all the giveaways
  • Crew starts tearing down after 4 hours have elapsed and all prizes have been given away

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