What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

From our equipment, to our dealers, to our prices, professionalism, policies, and heck, even our website, we think we're the best choice for a casino party, casino night fundraiser, or casino equipment rental anywhere in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Are our competitors bad? On the whole, no, but we're just better! Here's why...

Best Casino-Grade Equipment

The same equipment that will arrive at your casino party or casino night fundraiser is the very same casino-grade equipment that countless major TV networks and Hollywood films have rented from us!

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Best Dealers

Our fun & professional dealers have the patience to instruct novices how to play each game, the skill to teach even seasoned pros a thing or two, and the personalities to keep everyone entertained all night.

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Clay Casino Chips With Denominations

We only use the highest-quality 14-gram clay casino chips at all our casino night events and on all casino equipment rentals. They look and feel just like real casino chips...because they are!

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No Metal Folding Legs or Table Skirting

Real casinos don't use unsightly metal folding legs or silly-looking table skirts on their tables, and neither should your casino party company. We think you'll notice and appreciate the difference!

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Free Instant Price Quotes

Sick of pushy salespeople, lengthy forms, and what feels like a used-car salesman pressuring you for days on end to book a party? We are too and that's why we came up with our free instant price quote system!

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Best Prices

Found a better price somewhere else but prefer to work with us? Simply submit the written quote from one of our competitors and we'll either match the price or tell you what the catch is with their lower price.

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Professionalism & Attention To Detail

We like to pay attention to the little things, and we think you'll appreciate the thought and care we've put into our service. That attentiveness even extends to details like the quality of our custom funny money.

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Straightforward Policies

First and foremost, we believe in honesty and transparency. With us you won't see any hidden fees or surcharges slipped onto your contract—only straightforward pricing & policies from beginning to end!

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We Love What We Do — And It Shows!

Whether it's tracking down fun, new slot machines, adding more free tools to our website, following up with clients to see how we can improve, or researching new ways to make your experience with us even more enjoyable, we're passionate about casino parties and we'd love to share that enthusiasm with you and your guests!

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Our Service Areas

New York NY, Manhattan, New York City NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New Jersey NJ, Connecticut CT, Pennsylvania PA, Philadelphia, Hartford, and beyond!

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